Friday, July 12, 2024

Electrify America install its first megawatt-level battery energy storage system (BESS) for EV charging stations

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Electrify America has just launched a megawatt-level battery energy storage system (BESS) intended for electric vehicle charging stations.

Across the US Electrify America already has smaller BESS installations already in place at more than 150 stations. It includes more than 100 installations in California.

This application leverages energy storage and solar as a ‘non-wired alternative’ instead of relying on additional utility ‘wired’ infrastructure (ie power lines) which may not be feasible.

This application is suitable for electric vehicle charging stations with remote locations and utility capacity constraints.

Jigar Shah, Head of Energy Services at Electrify America, explains: “As we expand the use of the solution to more of our charging stations as well as to our medium- and heavy-duty electric fleet customers, we are positioned to enable sustainable transportation. electrification even in the face of utility capacity constraints.”

Electrify America selected Baker stations for the first deployment of a megawatt-level energy storage system due to its remote location and limited utility capacity.

The integration of an energy storage system of approximately 1.5 MW / 3 MWh with a generation potential of 66 kW from the solar canopy, coupled with advanced control technology, is Electrify America’s comprehensive solution for adding additional power to the station.

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