Friday, July 12, 2024

Electric Scooter Batteries Targeted by Thieves in Italy

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Theft of vehicle components is no longer a new thing. The reason is that there are several vehicle component parts that do have more selling value.

Therefore, do not be surprised if there are certain components that become the target of thieves.

In Italy, theft of vehicle components is now starting to shift to electric scooters. Yup, the thieves are after the battery as a target for theft.

Launching RideApart, police officers from Milan, Italy recently arrested 12 thieves who stole electric scooter batteries.

Batteries are the main component in electric vehicles. The price is “horrifying”, can reach half the price of the electric vehicle itself. So obviously very expensive and worth it.

Stolen battery packs are generally sold on the black market or on the reconditioned second hand market. This seems to attract the interest of electric scooter users because they can get batteries for vehicles at low prices.

In fact, stealing electric scooter battery packs is actually not an easy matter. The reason is, most battery packs today include extensive coding and software interfaces or software that is custom made by the manufacturer.

To do so, the thieves have special skills and are armed with modern tools.

From the data presented regarding cases of theft of electric scooter batteries, the thieves managed to steal around 700 battery packs from 2020 to 2021.

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