Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Dovetail Electric Aviation Collaborates with Hyundai’s HTWO for Fuel Cell System Testing in Aviation

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Australian electric aviation company Dovetail Electric Aviation has joined forces with Hyundai’s subsidiary HTWO to test a fuel cell system designed for aviation. In collaboration with Australian regional airline Rex Group, Dovetail aims to integrate the HTWO fuel cell system into its Iron Bird aircraft following initial tests conducted in Australia.

Dovetail has already conducted successful trials on an electric motor boasting a power output exceeding 250 kW for its aircraft model, which included the necessary power electronics and control system. The company now seeks to combine this cutting-edge electric motor with HTWO’s fuel cell system. According to Rex airline’s statement, the integration of the fuel cell aircraft serves as a precursor to large-scale trials, with a maiden flight scheduled for next year.

Rex, Australia’s largest independent regional and domestic airline, acquired a 20 percent stake in Dovetail in April with the objective of facilitating the transition from turbine-powered aircraft to electric propulsion. Through this collaboration, Dovetail aims to further refine its electric propulsion system, benefitting from Rex’s support and expertise.

David Doral, CEO of Dovetail Electric Aviation, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, “Dovetail Electric Aviation looks forward to working with HTWO, a global leader in hydrogen fuel cell technology. This opportunity will allow us to combine our aviation expertise with HTWO’s fuel cell technology to develop innovative solutions for a sustainable future in aviation.”

Dovetail Electric Aviation, a startup specializing in electric aviation concepts, operates in both Spain and Australia. The company enjoys the backing of prominent stakeholders, including Sydney Seaplanes, Dante Aeronautical, strategic investors Rex, Volotea, and Air Nostrum. The collaboration with HTWO positions Dovetail Electric Aviation at the forefront of sustainable aviation advancements.

While HTWO’s fuel cell systems were primarily designed for Hyundai’s fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), the Hyundai subsidiary also collaborates with third-party customers. Notably, HTWO partners with Italian manufacturer Iveco Bus and the Faun Group’s Enginius brand, showcasing its commitment to fostering innovation in the transportation sector.

With Dovetail Electric Aviation spearheading the integration of HTWO’s fuel cell system into its aircraft, the collaboration holds promise for revolutionizing aviation with sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. As the world seeks greener alternatives, this partnership marks a significant milestone towards achieving a sustainable future in aviation.

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