Friday, July 12, 2024

Deus Vayanne : Specs, Design and Range

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The hypercar manufacturer from Austria, Deus Automobile GmbH, has confirmed that it will launch its newest unit at the New York International Auto Show 2022, April 15-24. Given the name Deus Vayanne which has the best design and performance.

It is believed that Deus Vayanne is the result of a collaboration between Deus Automobile, Italdesign, and Williams Engineering, to present how a luxury hypercar should be packaged. Yup, this hypercar uses electric technology as its power source. Reportedly Vayanne made 99 units and for the first interest will be sent from 2025.

Performance fans will definitely be amazed by the treat, which accelerates from 0-100 kph in just 1.99 seconds. Able to run 400 kph, thanks to the power reaches 2,200 hp and torque of more than 2,000 Nm.

“We are very satisfied with what Vayanne has achieved, this is the first stage of collaboration with Deus. Thanks to experience in the manufacture and production of limited editions, we can devote all abilities and expertise. In addition, we are pleased to be able to use and integrate the innovative technology by our partner Williams Advanced Engineering,” said Marco Volpengo, Italdesign head of automotive business development Europe.

“For Deus, design is not just a display, it is an integrated concept that reflects the brand’s core belief: to effortlessly combine beautiful design and functionality with cutting-edge technologies in the EV hypercar segment. To demonstrate this harmony, we chose to adapt Vayanne’s style around the idea of ​​symmetry and geometric harmony of the lines and design features,” said Adrian-Filip Butuca, head of design at Deus.

The shape of the front and rear grille is made to represent the infinity loop. The parametric lattice conveys a more holistic approach through the pattern, plus the parametric lattice pattern is represented by hexagonal shapes that continuously flow into each other to create the effect of angel wings. The airflow required for the cooling system and aerodynamic performance is ensured, while maintaining the shape of the infinity symbol.

Using a fully digital instrument cluster and control display, it creates the ideal blend of experiences. The Vayanne’s 100% electric heart features a green interior. The natural leather selected for the upholstery is treated and manufactured by combining sustainable and technologically advanced solutions throughout the production process, with a strong commitment to zero waste for a circular economy model.

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