Dacia Manifesto concept – futuristic electric buggy for outdoors enthusiasts

At the Paris Motor Show 2022 next month, Dacia has confirmed that it will showcase its newest concept car, the Manifesto. Carrying the concept of an off-road buggy with a size and design similar to the Ariel Nomad and a two-passenger configuration.

In addition, through the Dacia Manifesto, the manufacturer wants to showcase technology for future vehicle models. One of them is to display a vehicle that is sophisticated, attractive but at an affordable price.

“The Dacia Manifesto is an open vehicle with super compact dimensions that blends with nature. We find this a great way to brainstorm ideas without the pressure of production. We call the Dacia Manifesto a laboratory for ideas,” said Dacia’s Director of Design, David Durand.

Conceptually, this vehicle which is intended for outdoor activities has a supportive appearance, namely there are no windows, doors and even windshields. However, the Dacia Manifesto will be equipped with an all-wheel drive system or 4-wheel drive using large tires. The Dacia Manifesto also uses dead or airless tires to support its all-terrain capabilities in addition to being puncture resistant and designed to be grounded throughout the life of the vehicle. In addition, the body material has also been adjusted for rough terrain with a commanding sitting position.

Although the cabin is not protected by glass or windshield, the material used by the Dacia Manifesto is guaranteed to be waterproof. To clean it, the driver only needs to spray the interior with water. In addition, the seat cover can also be removed and used as a sleeping bag when doing outdoor activities.

Manufacturers also continue to provide entertainment services based on advanced technology, one of which is the Bring Your Own Device approach to this Dacia Manifesto. So that later riders can still connect entertainment services on their smartphones to the Dacia Manifesto on a computerized basis. Dacia also promises that the Manifesto will feature YouClip, a feature for universal hangers. This device can not only be used as a cupholder but also other items such as smartphones. This YouClip will replace the cupholder in the latest version of the Renault Duster.

The resources that will be invested in the Dacia Manifesto are not yet known, but the platform used can be paired with various types of drivetrains ranging from electric, ICE to hybrid. The manufacturer also claims the Dacia Manifesto only weighs around 720 kg with the heaviest drivetrain option, the BEV. In addition, the Dacia Manifesto also uses a lightweight and environmentally friendly material on its chassis and bodywork called Starkle. The Starkle material has 20 percent recycled polypropylene that has been processed to give the panels a grainy appearance.

The Dacia Manifesto will present an important concept for the company: the lighter the car, the less emissions, the lower the cost. This of course will affect the company’s strategy to maintain vehicle models at affordable prices.

“This new concept car coincides with a brand new mission for Dacia to go from simple and affordable to more attractive and desirable, with cars chosen according to people’s desires. But it was chosen because it was important,” added Dacia CEO Denis Le Vot.

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