Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Clay Model Sparks Speculation on Potential Lucid Pickup Truck

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Enthusiasts on Lucid Forum shared images of what appears to be a Lucid electric pickup truck, sparking speculation about the company’s possible foray into the truck segment. Lucid Motors, recognized for its groundbreaking electric vehicles, has faced typical startup challenges, including issues with sales, cash flow, and costs.

The photographs reveal a clay model truck positioned alongside a vehicle believed to be the upcoming Gravity SUV, set to debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Lucid, however, remains tight-lipped about the prospect of an electric pickup, with a spokesperson declining to comment on future products.


The design of the speculated pickup exhibits visual similarities to Lucid’s Air sedan and the anticipated Gravity SUV, maintaining the brand’s signature sleek aesthetic. Yet, it’s essential to note that the images depict a clay model, not indicative of a production-ready show car.

A broader photo perspective, including the pickup and SUV beside a previous-generation Range Rover, suggests the possibility of a design study rather than a tangible product in the making. Automakers commonly engage in such internal design exercises, which may inadvertently surface in the public domain.

While the authenticity of a Lucid electric pickup remains uncertain, the concept could prove to be a strategic move for the company. Lucid’s Air sedan, though impressive, faces challenges in a market dominated by SUVs, coupled with its relatively high price point. Introducing a pickup truck could potentially open doors to a new segment of buyers and reshape the company’s market positioning.

More insights into Lucid Motors’ plans are anticipated during the LA Auto Show, particularly with the debut of the Gravity SUV. Whether a pickup truck is part of Lucid’s future lineup will likely become clearer as the event unfolds.

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