Citroen Ami : Specifications, Price and Range

Citroen AMi 2 - Citroen Ami : Specifications, Price and Range

is like a but only able to accommodate two passengers including the driver. Even so, manufacturers are reluctant to call it an car.

deliberately labeled it as a light quadricycle, or a light four-wheeled vehicle. So that a 14 year old teenager without a driver’s license (SIM) may drive there. Based on official information, the lowest is 6,000 Euros.

Continuing to talk about dimensions, from the official statement, the vehicle built from the prototype Ami One Concept has a length of 2,410 mm, a width of 1,390 mm and a height of 1,520 mm. While the legs are paired with 14-inch diameter wheels.

Then question the mechanical specifications, the manufacturer equips it with a 5.5 kWh , which supplies power to the electric motor which promises 8 hp.

From its maximum power profile, Ami can go fast up to 45 km/hour and a cruising of about 70 km. Intentionally limited its capabilities because it is only targeting use in the city. While the features are complete with cabin heating, as well as a glass roof.