Charging an Electric Vehicle in the Rain – Is it safe?

electric car power charging - Charging an Electric Vehicle in the Rain - Is it safe?

Can you charge an EVs in the rain? Is it safe?  In , the head of the will be inserted into the car charger socket which is positioned like an ordinary car fuel tank cap.

The problem is if the socket and head of the charger get wet while charging. At the edge of the charger head there is a rubber seal that holds water.

When plugged into an electric car socket, this rubber seal will close the gap between the lip of the charger socket.

The rubber seal attached to the charger head uses a material that is resistant to all . Even in extreme conditions, even an electric car while being washed while charging is still safe.

It’s just that if it gets wet in the charger socket area, it should be dried before removing it.

From the outside it can be water and weather resistant, but the connector pins inside are not designed to be waterproof. If water enters either the charger head or the charger socket, it will not damage the electric car or charger.

In electric cars there is a circuit breaker to cut off the electric current. The charger also has a malfunction warning indicator that will sound and there is an emergency stop that can be pressed so that the charger head can be detached and the electric current is cut off