Centro introduces two electric cargo vans at IAA Transportation 2022

Centro introduces two electric cargo vans at IAA Transportation 2022

Electric Group, a United States-based automaker with electric technology (EV) introduced two high-tech for the first time at the prestigious IAA Transportation 2022 event in Hannover, Germany.

Two electric cargo vans, namely the Logistar 260 (LS260) and Logistar 100 (LS100), despite their large size, these two from Cenntro are claimed to be light and compact cargo vans that can assist the mobility of companies in running commercial businesses, especially in the field of logistics delivery, express packages, dealers, repair and catering services.

Launching from Autocarpro, this aluminum body S260 electric has a length of 5.5 meters, a width of 1.85 meters and a height of 2 meters.

With this size, the S260 cargo van offers a wide carrying capacity with a capacity of 7.5 cubic meters.

The unique design of the S260 van door which is located on the side and rear of the car can be opened up to 270 degrees.

This of course can facilitate user access in entering or removing goods.

“The LS 260 completes the Cenntro line of commercial vehicles, providing and businesses with best-in-class EV technology that supports the most robust operating cycles,” said Peter Wang, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Centntro.

The plan is that after being exhibited at the IAA event, this will be released in the European market in the first quarter of 2023, after which the launch will continue in the Asian, Caribbean and South American markets.

Not only the S260 , Cenntro also exhibited a multipurpose cargo van called the Logistar 100.

Tailor-made to serve commercial businesses in densely populated urban areas. The 73.3 cubic foot LS 100 has a range of 74 miles (WLTP), and can carry a payload of 1151 lbs.

This combination makes this lightweight cargo ideal for use by commercial application developers, in the business of fast delivery and emergency services and hospitality vehicles.

The S260 electric van, currently complies with the standards and requirements of the EU authorities and is ready to be marketed to 27 countries in the European region in the near future.

The release of this electric van is not the first time that Centro has done it, since December 2021 this factory has sold at least 3,700 vehicles in 25 countries in North America, Europe and Asia.

By showing off its new electric van, Cenntro hopes that its vehicle products can expand further so that it can help more developers run their businesses.

“Our goal is to offer our customers a customizable electric vehicle that meets the requirements of different industries and application areas,” said Gregory Hancke, when met at the IAA (19/9/2022).

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