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Caselani transformed Citroën ë-Berlingo into a retro van in the style of the 1950s 2CV AU

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Citroen and Italian bodybuilder Caselani have teamed up to transform the Berlingo van into the classic 2CV Fourgonette van. The result is a retro-bodied freighter in production from October 1st.

“We are very proud that our best-selling Berlingo has been re-signed by Caselani, taking inspiration from the iconic 2CV Fourgonnette, and leaving its mark on Citroën history and the automotive sector more broadly,” said Citroen’s Head of Styling, Pierre Leclercq.

According to Pierre, work on designing the van is underway at Caselani’s premises. The Citroën 2CV Berlingo Fourgonette takes inspiration from the 1951 utility van based on the legendary 2CV.

“In its makeover, the Berlingo van gets a new grille, bumper and wheel arches, all made of fiberglass. The V-shaped hood, meanwhile, on the grille uses the Citroen emblem, and round headlights.

Although the 2CV’s bumper is chrome plated, Citroen and Caselani decided to paint the lower bumper white to contrast the body color, this emphasizes the protective nature of the components, while at the same time exposing the modern side of the classic van.

The sides and roof have been revamped to mimic the wavy trim on the original vehicle. It was originally designed to make the structure more rigid.

A small oval window is installed at the rear to remember the original 2CV, but the thick seal around it has been removed to give the Berlingo a more modern look. Citroen and Caselani try to remember and honor the past by not copying the original vehicles.

“The design specifications do not imitate the shape of a classic van, going back in time and bringing its unique charm to a 21st century vehicle. The Berlingo was completely designed as a tribute to the 1950s Citroen 2CV,” said David Obendorfer, a designer at Caselani.

Although it looks dated, says Pierre, the 2CV Berlingo Fourgonette is quite practical with a load space of 4.4 square meters (about three times more than the old van) and a payload capacity of up to a tonne (four times more than the old van). The van will be available with gas, diesel or electric powertrains. Caselani’s retro-bodied Berlingo can be applied to any version currently available.

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