Friday, July 12, 2024

California leads the installation of home EV chargers, while New York in last place

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A study found by the Green Car Report shows that California is a State with a fairly large number of EVs and occupies the top position for home chargers.

Using real estate listings and EV registrations, the study found that 20% of homes in California were equipped with EV chargers, while San Francisco (15.8%) and San Jose (15.1%) took second place for home chargers. , and Los Angeles (8.6%).

While New York City is estimated to have 100,000 plug-in cars (both EVs and plug-in hybrids) on its streets, it has the lowest percentage of home chargers at just 0.5%.

According to the study, the lack of EV chargers in Gotham’s home is because it’s dominated by apartments that don’t provide dedicated parking spaces, making it difficult to install chargers at home without a garage.

Installing a charging station at home is also not an easy thing. Starting at a not-so-cheap price ranging from US$750 to US$3,000, depending on the location and complexity of the installation, according to Porch data.

Porch’s research also found that out of the 500 largest cities in the US, only 142 have real estate listings with home chargers, and according to a 2020 public survey, homeowners who install chargers are likely to keep using them, even with the expansion of the public charging network.

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