Monday, July 22, 2024

BYD New Energy Vehicles Sales Increased In March To Over 100,000

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BYD just announced its new energy vehicle (NEV) sales report for March 2022. BYD recorded that it sold 104,878 NEVs in March, an increase of 333 percent compared to sales in March 2021 and an 18.8 percent increase in NEV sales in February 2022. .

BYD sold 104,878 NEV in March, up 333 percent year-on-year and up 18.8 percent from 88,283 vehicles in February.

Of the 104,878 NEVs sold in March, 104,338 were passenger cars, and 540 were commercial vehicles, the company said in an announcement filed with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange today.

For passenger vehicles, BYD sold 53,664 pure electric vehicles in March and 50,674 plug-in hybrid vehicles. Compared to the same month last year sales of pure electric vehicles rose 229 percent from 16,301 units in the previous year. Meanwhile for plug-in hybrid vehicles, up 615 percent from 7,085 units the previous year.

BYD also recently announced that it will stop producing vehicles with internal combustion engines from March 2022. The company will focus on its pure electric and plug-in hybrid business in the future.

However, the company will continue to manufacture and supply vehicle parts with internal combustion engines. Sales of vehicles with internal combustion engines have declined as a percentage of total sales in recent months.

BYD also unveiled an official image of the Seal sedan, which is the new mid-size all-electric from the Shenzhen-based manufacturer. BYD Seal adopts the company’s latest design line and is scheduled to be unveiled to the public in April this year.

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