BYD debuted its bus chassis technology platform using Blade Battery

BYD debuted its bus chassis technology platform using Blade Battery

The use of blade is not only for passenger vehicles, but will also be used for commercial .

On September 19, BYD debuted the use of blade batteries on the chassis technology called the Ebus Blade platform, at the IAA Transportation in Hannover, Germany, according to the company’s press release on Monday.

This platform uses a blade which byd is called very safe and very durable and revolutionizes battery-electric transportation.

Blade Byd battery was first launched in March 2020 and was proven to work very well in passenger electric vehicles

CTP (cell to cell) technology for blade batteries greatly increases stiffness so that it provides superior strength, said Byd.

The space -saving design makes it possible to increase battery capacity thereby increasing the estimated driving range.

“The launch of our Ebus Blade platform is very interesting and is a further development in electrification for this sector,” said Javier Contijoch, Vice President of Ebus Sales at the Europe Byd Europe.

was first introduced in March 2020 and used phosphate iron lithium technology, with high safety advantages, long life and long distance.

Blade batteries offer a volumetric density battery equivalent to the main lithium battery. On the other hand, blade batteries have a safety far beyond the lithium battery.

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