Friday, July 12, 2024

BMW’s Neue Klasse Platform can support for Supercar with quad-motor and 1,341 HP

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It is no secret that BMW will use the Neue Klasse EV platform for their upcoming electric vehicles and now the German manufacturer has revealed how much power the platform can support.

The first model to use the Neue Klasse EV platform is a 3-Series-sized electric sedan. However, the platform will be very flexible to use in many different models. In theory, the platform could also be used as an architecture for hypercars.

Head of engineering and research and development at BMW, Frank Weber, said that the Neue Klasse EV platform can support single, dual and even quad motors.

“The most demanding vehicle that we have is a real high-performance M product, really high performance M product,” Weber said. “What you can expect from this Neue Klasse architecture is not only flexibility within your high voltage battery. You can also have a super efficient single motor architecture, a dual motor architecture, and this can even deliver a four motor architecture up to one megawatt” – that is, 1,341 hp (1,360 PS).

In a report earlier this year, BMW was said to be collaborating with McLaren Automotive to develop an electric supercar and high-performance electric crossover.

Rumors circulated that the electric supercar could be branded as a McLaren and come with four electric motors, which could potentially produce as much as 1,088 hp.

BMW and McLaren May Collaborate to Development of an Electric Sports Car Platform

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