BMW CE 04 electric motorcycle : specifications, price and range

BMW CE 04 Lifestyle Gear - BMW CE 04 electric motorcycle : specifications, price and range

The design of the CE 04 is very similar to the two previous concepts, namely the original Link version in 2017 and the Definition CE 04 which was introduced in 2020.

Overall the design has the characteristics of a maxi scooter. Highlighting the large front, stump-like seats and mud guard rear fender.

The BMW CE 04 is equipped with an electric motor that produces 42 tk and 60 Nm of . Acceleration from 0-50 kph can be achieved in 2.6 seconds while the top speed is claimed to reach 120 kph. The power supply uses an 8.9 kWh battery which can cover a distance of up to 130 km in full condition.

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from zero to full takes 4 hours 20 minutes using a 2.6 Kw charger. Meanwhile, if you use a 6.9 kW fast charger, it only takes 45 minutes to charge 80 percent.

The is equipped with various typical BMW features to provide comfort, such as driving modes, Eco, Rain, and Road as well as Dynamic as an option.

This zero-emission motorbike also has ABS and traction control as the main features. The Cornering ABS features and cornering traction control as options.

The instrument panel uses a 10.25-inch TFT display that includes navigation options. All lighting from the front and rear lights are LED.

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The BMW CE 04 uses regenerative braking to take power back to the battery when the throttle is released. On the road, you use very little conventional brakes, because forward movement is greatly affected by this feature.

Throttle off and regen brake stop the motor in a predictable way. You can go down very steep hills just by using the regen system on this bike to control your speed.

The CE 04 has many options from dual helmets, intercom, telephone, and contact synchronization to music sharing and mapping. The support application, Motorrad Connected, on the CE 04 motorcycle can display Efficient Route finding services, efficient energy use, radius display coverage on a map to show how far you can travel on a charge, and the location of charging stations. The system also independently handles technical data about tire pressure, service intervals and trip info.

For storage options use the side compartment, under-seat storage for a full-face helmet and charging cable. On the front, there is another actively ventilated compartment for your phone with a USB-C port.

The of the BMW CE 04 motorcycle starts at $11,795, rising to $14,795 for the highest-spec model.

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