Monday, July 22, 2024

Audi Inaugurates Incampus Technology Park for Future Mobility Solutions

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Audi has recently unveiled the Incampus technology park in Ingolstadt, marking a significant step towards shaping the future of mobility. This initiative, developed in partnership with the city of Ingolstadt and Cariad, Volkswagen’s software subsidiary, promises innovative solutions for the automotive industry. The technology park encompasses Audi’s new vehicle safety center, a data center, and Cariad’s largest tech hub, where software and electronic architecture for Audi and Porsche’s electric models are being developed.

The core of this collaboration is centered around Audi and Porsche’s forthcoming electric vehicles, built upon the new Premium Platform Electric (PPE). The highly anticipated electric Porsche Macan, originally slated for a 2023 launch, is now expected in 2024 due to software development at Cariad. This delay also affects the Audi Q6 e-tron, aligning its release with the Macan.

In a joint effort, Audi and the city of Ingolstadt are overseeing the Incampus, with the added presence of the Ingolstadt University of Technology. Future phases of construction will provide space for additional companies and institutions, according to an official statement.

Gernot Döllner, CEO of Audi, emphasized the importance of partnerships and collaboration, stating, “To shape the future of mobility, Audi needs strong partners and cooperation between politics and business. With the Incampus, we’re creating the preconditions to bolster regional value creation and to work with partners like Cariad on concrete solutions for our vision of the future of mobility.”

Cariad has been a part of the campus since late 2020, boasting a Tech Hub and over 2,000 employees focused on developing tech stacks for all brands within the Volkswagen Group. Their work includes the advancement of digital driving experiences, automated driving, tech platforms, cloud services, and more.

Regarding the PPE software development, Peter Bosch, CEO of Cariad, noted, “At the Incampus, CARIAD and Audi are working together on software that will represent a competitive edge for the Group. Together with Audi and Porsche, we’re developing the 1.2 electronics architecture here, the Volkswagen Group’s most important software architecture of the coming years. We’re utilizing modern work processes and tools for close collaboration and higher speed.”

In addition to PPE software development, the ‘Automated Driving Alliance,’ a collaborative effort between Cariad and partner Bosch, is also situated on the new Ingolstadt campus. This alliance focuses on the development of functions for automated driving, contributing to the ongoing evolution of mobility solutions in the automotive industry.

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