Saturday, July 13, 2024

Apple Car rumored to be carOS-based with Tesla-inspired control system

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Apple has long been rumored to be launching their own autonomous electric car, the Apple Car. Currently there is some new information for this rumor, one of which there is a source who says that the electric vehicle will be supported by carOS specially made by Apple.

This news comes from DigiTimes, and while the name carOS isn’t specifically named, the prediction is that Apple is developing a software platform that can control every aspect of the car’s functionality – from starting the engine to playing songs from the Apple Music library.

the software platform will also use a large center dashboard screen like current Tesla cars. The dashboard on Tesla’s electric car is dominated by the screen, and doesn’t offer any physical buttons or dials.

The same report also mentions the Domain Control Unit (DCU) for the Apple Car, which apparently takes care of all the data processing required during driving. An unnamed Korean company is working on a DCU for Apple.

If what is informed here is correct, it looks like DCU and carOS will handle everything that happens in the car. In other words, it’s something that goes way beyond what users are used to with the existing CarPlay experience – maps, music, and other audio apps.

We haven’t heard much about the Apple Car in recent months. Granted, some executives have reportedly left the project – but the detailed information here suggests that Apple is still moving forward with its plans to roll out its own electric vehicle.

Building a car is not easy, as Tesla has done. But if any company has the resources and know-how to do it, it could be Apple. It’s still unknown if the Apple Car will appear, but if it does, it could be just as important as the launch of the first iPhone.

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