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Alef Aeronautics eVTOL startup attracts early Tesla investor

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Tesla’s early investor, Tim Draper, funded $3 million in a flying car project owned by Californian startup Alef Aeronautics. This flying car named Alef Model A was developed for seven years and has a different concept from flying cars in general.

Launching the Reuters page today, Thursday, October 20, 2022, the unusual appearance of this flying car is in its body parts which on the sides can turn into wings after takeoff. This new concept makes Draper dare to invest funds for the flying car.

“I put in more money when I saw that they had made a prototype of a small drone that did exactly what they told me. The design was amazing,” Draper said.

Alef Aeronautics designed this Alef Model A flying car with the ability to take off and land vertically. This flying car was developed directly by Alef Aeronautics CEO Jim Dukhovny who is a computer scientist, software designer, science fiction fan who once ran an online gaming site called Intellectual Casino.

According to Dukhovny, one of the features that sets the Mode A apart from other versions of the flying car is the way it flies. Once lifted off the ground, the cockpit rotates and the carbon fiber body flips over, then moves forward, propelled by a series of propellers. “All cars are wings,” he said.

Alef Aeronautics estimates this flying car has a driving range of 322 kilometers and a flight range of about 160 kilometers. This car is scheduled to begin distribution to consumers in 2025 and is sold at a price of US $ 300,000.

Not satisfied with the Model A, Dukhovny also admitted that he would prepare a new flying car project in 2030 on the basis of a sedan. The flying car, which will carry the name Model Z, will offer a flight range of up to 321 km and a driving range of 643 km.

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