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3 countries with the largest percentage of the population of electric vehicles in the world

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A number of countries around the world have pushed for the transition from oil-fueled vehicles to electric vehicles to reduce air pollution.

In some countries, the use of electric motorized vehicles is still rare due to limited charging infrastructure.

However, according to a World Economic Forum report, global electric car sales have increased by 30 percent almost every year in the last decade. Despite going through difficult times due to the pandemic, the electric car industry continues to grow in several countries.

It turns out that there are three countries with the most use of electric cars in the world. Here is the list:


Norway is ranked first as the country with the highest percentage of electric cars in the world, reaching 81 percent. This is because there are regulations in Norway that exempt the payment of road tax or sales tax for electric car owners.

Not only that, the Norwegian government targets that the use of gasoline cars will end in 2023 and shift entirely to electric vehicles.


Furthermore, the second position is occupied by Iceland which has 36.8% electric vehicles per 1,000 population. Electric vehicles in Iceland have been booming or have started to be in demand since 2017. At that time, the market share of electric vehicles was 8.7%.


Sweden continues to intensify and strengthen cooperation through Sweden’s premier transportation research and innovation partnership program. This step is taken so that greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced as much as possible and the competitiveness of the Swedish automotive industry can be stronger.

The population of electric vehicles in Sweden reaches 20.6% per 1,000 inhabitants. It is known, the number of electric vehicles in the country reached 56,000. In fact, the number was only 157 units in 2009. It is certain that the number of electric charging stations for vehicles will increase, along with the increase in the number of electric vehicles.

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