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2024 Honda Prologue : brand’s first electric SUV in US

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Honda is one of the car brands that is aggressively developing battery-based electric vehicles for the global market.

The Japanese brand has collaborated with a number of companies from various sectors. From the technology sector, it is known that Honda has collaborated with Sony and LG, while for automotive brands, one of them is General Motors (GM). Honda currently only has one battery-based electric model.

His first electric car was the Honda e, which was compact and only sold in its home country, but in order to spread its wings in the era of electrification, there will be dozens of electric vehicle models that it will make.

The latest is the Honda Prologue EV, the SUV or electric-powered car has a sporty exterior design, and remains dashing. The rear at first glance similar to the Range Rover Evoque product.

Launching Carscoops, Thursday, October 6, 2022, the Honda Prologue EV is the result of a collaboration with GM for the North American market. However, information on the specifications of the electric SUV is still secret.

Dimensionally, the car has a length of 4,877 millimeters, a width of 1,989 mm, and a height of 1,643 mm. This means that it is 203 mm longer, and 127 mm wider than the latest Honda CR-V, which is quite large.

Even the front axle distance to the rear reaches 3,094 mm, almost the same as the BMW X7. The electric car that relies on the BEV3 design will reportedly go on sale next year.

“We will not wait until 2024 to attract EV buyers. Because we saw customer growth from the CR-V to the Prologue with a slightly larger size,” said Honda America’s Vice President of Planning and Strategy, Gary Robinson.

In the sector of the legs, the Prologue EV has 21-inch rims, and it looks like there is an AWD badge on the rear trunk, which means that the vehicle has four-wheel drive.

The leaked interior looks luxurious, and doesn’t feel like an electric car that usually puts forward futuristic elements. It is known that Honda will create millions of electric cars, and 30 new models for the global market in the next few years.

What we know so far about Honda Prologue, GM Ultium-Based Electric SUV

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