Windrose Technology Plans Road Tests for Electric Heavy-Duty Trucks in the US and Europe


Chinese electric manufacturer Inc is set to make waves in the global heavy truck sector, as it announces plans to conduct road tests of its first electric heavy-duty trucks in the and Europe by the third quarter of next year.

Windrose's founder and CEO, Han Wen, disclosed that the company aims to conduct tests in prominent locations such as Los Angeles, Dunkirk, Antwerp, and . The move is part of the company's strategy to disrupt the heavy truck industry globally.

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While Windrose is a relatively young startup established in 2022, it has already raised nearly $100 million through three rounds of fundraising. Notable investors include FountainVest Partners Co, Yunqi Partners, and GSR Ventures Co.

Han Wen, a Stanford MBA graduate with a background in heavy-duty truck-related ventures, has positioned Windrose to be “globally competitive” since its founding. The company aims to deliver heavy-duty electric vehicles with an impressive of 600 kilometers by the fourth quarter of 2024.

Windrose has garnered attention for its collaboration with global sports goods retailer Decathlon and -based Kerry Logistics, conducting road tests, including high-temperature and high-altitude testing, in .

Han highlighted that Windrose has joined forces with Germany-based global technology inspection company TUV SUD to ensure regulatory compliance for its electric trucks in overseas markets, particularly the US.

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As China emerges as a global leader in new energy vehicles, Windrose sees the nation's hyper-competitive EV sector and well-rounded as key advantages to compete in global markets, especially in the US and Europe. The company aims to enter the high-end segment of key global markets, making history as the first Chinese truck brand, diesel or electric, to do so.

Andrew Huang, managing director of FountainVest Partners, noted that Windrose has developed competitive new energy heavy-duty trucks, combining software and hardware, and has gained momentum in the international market with order intentions from overseas markets.

Source: ChinaDaily

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