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What you need to know about Toyota bZ4X features

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Toyota has announced that it will launch the Toyota bZ4X in Japan on May 12, 2022. Present in front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive Z variant, Toyota plans to release the bZ4X through the KINTO subscription rental system.

This rental system is carried out to reduce user worries about electric cars and perform battery management based on Rebuild, Reuse, and Recycle.

Now in addition to revealing the launch plan in Japan, Toyota also leaked a few advanced features in the bZ4X.

The first is the One-Motion Grip yoke steering wheel that combines with an electronic steering system or steer-by-wire. The steering yoke and electronic steering system were developed to provide extra convenience and comfort when driving the bZ4X.

Call it the driver does not need to change hands when driving on winding roads or turning directions. Amazingly, this yoke steering wheel can provide more legroom and can reduce excessive vibration on the steering wheel.

The One-Motion Grip feature will be launched in China first, although it is possible that it will also be present throughout the world.

Then there is a multimedia system that can be updated via the internet without having to come to an official workshop.

This ‘Over-the Air’ (OTA) update also includes the Toyota Safety Sense Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) feature which is standard on the bZ4X.

Talking about the ADAS feature, the Toyota bZ4X is also equipped with Proactive Driving Assist which will help the driver avoid pedestrians or cyclists.

This Proactive Driving Assist feature detects and anticipates the risk of pedestrians crossing or parked cars. When the system senses a risk of an accident, it will assist by turning the steering wheel or reducing speed.

More interestingly, the Toyota bZ4X has been embedded with the Toyota Advanced Park feature that helps drivers park. The Advanced Park bZ4X feature has a remote function so the driver can remove or park the car via a smartphone application.

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