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What we know so far about Toyota bZ3 electric sedan

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Toyota’s seriousness in continuing to present electrified vehicles to consumers has been seen so intensely lately. One of them is the launch of the bZ4X which fills the electric crossover segment and will be followed by the launch of the bZ3 which is in the sedan segment. Obviously, Toyota will also fill in other segments ranging from supermini for urban vehicles, roadster, SUV, compact commercial to sedan to enliven the world EV market.

While the bZ concept sedan, which is predicted to be one of the big players in the EV war, will soon enter the production line under the name bZ3. Toyota is also rumored to be placing the bZ3 in potential markets such as China and America, followed by the issue of preventing the existence of the Tesla Model 3.

Toyota, which is working with BYD on the development of the bZ3, will use a more innovative blade lithium phosphate battery technology. In fact, the technology is said to be one of the safest and more energy-intensive alternatives to conventional lithium ion. Toyota also states that the dimensions of the battery are much more compact so as to provide competitive cabin space compared to similar models.

Unfortunately, before Toyota intends to launch the bZ3 in the next few years, VW is currently preparing to market the ID6 next year followed by the Hyundai Ioniq 6 with the same target market. While Toyota has just released the Crown with a fastback concept for the Chinese and US markets but is powered by an internal combustion engine.

Back again on plans to market the Toyota bZ3 quoted from US News, Toyota intends to produce it in China at the same facility as the Toyota bZ4X. Meanwhile, with the local assembly, it is hoped that Toyota will price the bZ3 at a lower price than the Tesla Model S or similar vehicles. As an illustration, the Toyota bZ3 is rumored to have dimensions similar to the Corolla but with a more spacious and functional rear space.

The Toyota bZ3 sedan was first showcased last year along with 15 other Toyota prototype vehicles such as the bZ4X, bZ Small Crossover, bZ Compact SUV, bZ SDN, bZ Large SUV, Lexus Electrified Sport, Lexus RZ, Lexus Electrified Sedan, Lexus Electrified SUV, Mid Box, Micro Box, Sports EV, Crossover EV, Compact Cruiser EV, Pickup EV, and Small SUEV.

In the development of electric vehicles, Toyota has confirmed that it will use completely new models including the special use of e-TNGA. Moreover, on the other hand, Toyota is known to still believe that electrification is not the only answer to the decabornization of cars.

“Not only will we add a battery EV option to existing vehicle models but will also offer a full lineup of affordable mass production models, such as the bZ series, to meet the needs of all types of customers,” said Akio Toyoda, President of Toyota Motor Corporation.

Toyota will launch $28k bZ3 small electric sedan in China by year-end, report says

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