What we know so far about Honda Prologue, GM Ultium-Based Electric SUV

Honda Prologue - What we know so far about Honda Prologue, GM Ultium-Based Electric SUV

Motor Company is planned to issue new products to meet its customers. The vehicle leads to the type of SUV or Sport Utility Vehicle which will be electric-powered in the future.

The Japanese company named this new car the Honda , which was embedded with advanced technology. Later, this new model will start entering the market in the United States in 2024.

The new car is a crossover built on the GM . This is believed to be capable of delivering with a range of up to 450 miles.

In appearance, this Honda Prologue uses conceptual and slick proportions. The front features a glossy black panel flanked by a pair of slim matrix LED headlights with a trapezoidal bottom grille.

Furthermore, this car uses a hood that is sculpted with a strong shoulder line that enhances aesthetics and is refreshing. At the rear, this model is framed by a pair of LED taillights that expand horizontally.

However, for the interior, Honda has not provided further information. It is estimated that this car has several features embedded in it to display driver comfort and the latest infotainment technology.

This new model uses a 100-kWh lithium-ion cell with a driving range of over 483 km. Later this car will be available in two power variants such as 340 horsepower and 490 horsepower.

As an electric car, the Honda Prologue has DC up to a speed of 190 kW which will allow the driver to increase the range of 76 miles in every 10 minutes of time.

As additional information, it is predicted that this new model will compete with other trademarks, namely Hyundai, which will issue the Ioniq 7 in the same segment. To prepare for market needs, Honda estimates that it will sell around 60,000 units of this new car.