Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Volkswagen Unveils Design Details of Seventh-Generation BEV and PHEV Transporter Van

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Volkswagen has offered a glimpse into the design of its upcoming seventh generation of BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) and PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) Transporter van, showcasing a “near-production concept vehicle” that embodies the iconic Bulli family of vans, reminiscent of the original VW Microbus. The ID BUZZ, currently in production, also belongs to the Bulli family.

The new Transporter, available for pre-sales in Europe starting at €36,780, is set to hit the market in the first quarter of 2025. While Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has primarily focused on design details, technical specifications remain limited. Albert Kirzinger, chief designer of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, highlighted the design philosophy behind the new Transporter:

“The details of the seventh Bulli generation pick up the characteristic design features of its six predecessors and give them a new interpretation. This has a tradition – every new Volkswagen Transporter has always represented a new visual beginning, a stylistic bridge between a long history, the present and the future.”

The new Transporter will be available in both BEV and PHEV variants, with the charging socket flap conveniently located under the right-hand headlight. Additionally, Volkswagen seems to be planning a diesel version of the van.

Measuring between 5,050 mm (199 inches) and 5,450 mm (215 inches) in length, the Transporter features a redesigned wheel rim range, offering 16-, 17-, and 19-inch options. The commercial model will be offered with a choice of a tailgate or rear wing doors.

Kirzinger emphasized the family resemblance of the seventh-generation Transporter to the Bulli lineage, noting that “the front design of our seventh Transporter immediately makes it clear that it is a member of the Bulli family and complements the Multivan and ID. Buzz duo.” The rear design pays homage to the Bulli’s T5 legacy, with redesigned and technically revamped tail lights featuring LED dots toward the sides.

Volkswagen enthusiasts and prospective buyers eagerly anticipate more detailed specifications and features of the Transporter as its market launch approaches in less than a year.

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