Friday, July 12, 2024

Volkswagen targeting to automate 20-30% of production at new electric vehicle plant

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The Volkswagen Group is considering automating 20-30 percent of its new production facility at its Trinity electric model-making plant near the main plant in Wolfsburg, Germany.

Head of Factory Production, Sebastian Schmickartz said, currently 90 percent of the assembly is still done manually.

“This is what we want to change with the new factory. We are considering 20 to 30 percent automation,” said Schmickartz, quoted by Auto News.

Electric carmaker Trinity Volkswagen is preparing to produce a new electric sedan. Where the model will later become one of the flagship products that will begin production in 2026.

“The key is to automate more assembly lines and will shift to a module-based strategy,” said Schmickartz.

At the new plant, the German auto giant is trying to condense 50 parts in one work using techniques such as die casting to produce the front-end, back-end and roof modules.

This casting technique was first popularized by Tesla as an alternative to the more labor-intensive method of assembling multiple metal panels known as the absorption zone. Also known as the crumple zone, which is in charge of reducing pressure during a collision.

Volkswagen hopes this production strategy will help increase productivity and maintain the company’s edge in the European market.

Volkswagen ready to build new electric vehicle factory in Germany for Volkswagen Trinity

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