Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Volkswagen Introduces ID.7 Pro S Variant in UK, Enhancing Range and Charging Speeds

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Volkswagen has unveiled the ID.7 Pro S variant in the UK, featuring a larger battery and faster charging capabilities to bolster its electric vehicle lineup.

The new ID.7 Pro S Match models are equipped with an 86 kWh battery, a significant upgrade from the 77 kWh battery found in the ID.7 Match versions, Volkswagen announced. This enhancement allows the fastback model to achieve a WLTP range of 437 miles, with the Tourer variant close behind at 425 miles.

“With the 86 kWh battery, the ID.7 Pro S can support a WLTP range of 709 kilometers, ensuring ample distance for electric journeys,” Volkswagen stated, highlighting the extended driving capabilities.

Charging efficiency has also been optimized, with the Pro S Match models capable of charging at up to 200 kW DC. This enables a rapid recharge from 10 to 80 per cent battery capacity in just 26 minutes, underscoring Volkswagen’s commitment to practical electric vehicle solutions.

In terms of comfort and technology, Volkswagen has integrated several upgrades into the ID.7 series. These include Volkswagen’s latest MIB4 infotainment software with a 15-inch screen, IQ.LIGHT Matrix headlights, three-zone air conditioning with smart vents, ergoActive heated front seats with massage functions, and privacy glass in the rear.

“For storage needs, the ID.7 offers impressive cargo space up to 1,586 liters in the fastback and 1,714 liters in the Tourer with rear seats folded,” Volkswagen added, emphasizing practicality alongside performance enhancements.

Earlier this year, Volkswagen introduced the same 86 kWh battery in the sporty ID.7 GTX model, expanding its application across the entire ID.7 range.

“The ID.7 Pro S Match and ID.7 Tourer Pro S Match variants are now available for order through Volkswagen Retailers, with prices starting at £55,450 and £56,140 (OTR recommended prices inc. VAT),” Volkswagen confirmed.

Despite these updates, the availability of the ID.7 in North America remains uncertain, leaving U.S. customers awaiting further announcements from the German automaker.

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