Van Hool A12 officially introduced with variety of zero-emission variants

Van Hool A12 1 - Van Hool A12 officially introduced with variety of zero-emission variants

has finally officially launched its new zero-emission bus series, the which is powered by . This was presented at the international trade show for , Euro Mobility Expo 2022 in Porte de Versailles, Paris, France.

The Van Hool A12 bus is the first vehicle in the new Van Hool bus line, which has 4 length variants consisting of 12m, 13m, 18m and 24m buses and is equipped with a variety of zero emission powertrains ranging from electric power, fuel cells and trolley buses. .

With this new series of A series buses, the Belgian manufacturer has proven to be building on the knowledge and experience it has gained in the field of eco-friendly buses for and regional public transport.

Filip Van Hool, CEO of Van Hool, explained that the goal in designing the new A series bus line is to produce a 100% zero emission, comfortable, safe and sustainable bus that can be used in urban and regional transportation in Europe.

“Our goal is to present a new, integrated series of buses to meet the high expectations of transportation companies, drivers and passengers,” he explained in his official broadcast, Wednesday (8/6/2022).

On the other hand, Van Hool said with the challenges that public transport companies will face, over the coming years, entrepreneurs have focused on greening their fleets in pursuit of the zero emission target.

“They tie it with comfort and safety for public transport users, a pleasant work environment for drivers and TCO (total cost of ownership) to carry out their duties will be profitable,” he explained.

With more than 75 years of experience, Van Hool’s new A series electric buses are designed with special attention paid to the bus’s weight, sustainability and modularity.

Structural weight savings are achieved through the use of high-strength stainless steels, low-weight composite materials and sustainable bonding techniques. A modular strapping system has been installed on the roof of the bus for integration of parts such as the battery, and the air conditioning and control systems.

The new Van Hool A series bus design is also characterized by its aerodynamic shape at the front. The large windshield provides optimal visibility for the driver and passengers. The buses are equipped with the latest generation of LED headlights and taillights.

On the side, this bus has large windows which can increase the amount of natural light that enters the bus and contribute to the brightness of the modern interior. This bus has a wide passenger door with a low-deck model, making it easier for passengers to get on and off.

At the rear, lighting in the bus cabin is also supported by large rear windows. There is also a large access hole on the back panel providing convenient access to technical parts or bus engines.

Regarding the interior, this zero emission bus has an ergonomic cabin design that meets the Verband Deutscher Verkehrsunternehmen (VDV) standard which makes it easier for the driver to monitor all vehicle features and improve public safety.

The cab of the bus is governed by a unique system in which conditioned air comes from a central roof duct, based on heat pump technology (with water as condenser) and traction heat recovery, resulting in energy savings compared to classic heat pumps.

The new Van Hool A-series bus lineup has been specifically designed to support a carbon-free future without compromising rideability, passenger comfort or vehicle performance.

“We are ready to play an important role in the European public transport market. We now have a completely new range of urban buses, in four different lengths equipped with an exclusive zero-emissions powertrain,” said Van Hool.

Previously, Vahn Hool had marketed its first electric bus, the Van Hool CX45E in the United States (US) market at the end of 2020 and continued with the sale of 22 units of the world’s first electric double-decker bus, the Van Hool TDX25E recently.

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Van Hool A12 1 - Van Hool A12 officially introduced with variety of zero-emission variants