Saturday, July 13, 2024

Thundertruck, electric off-road concept with futuristic design

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Wolfgang LA, An advertising agency launched an electric off-road car concept called the Thundertruck. However, the specifications have not been announced and will not necessarily be mass produced.

According to Wolfgang LA Co-Founder, Colin Jeffery said with electric drive, we will give our idea of ​​a truck.

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“While it doesn’t look very good from a design point of view, we are trying to combine it into a modern, purpose-built EV all-in-one, unlike a typical electric truck,” said Jeffrey.

The first thing that catches the eye of the Thundertruck is its shape which makes even the Tesla Cybertruck seem stifled. There are hardly any front or rear overhangs and neither is the traditional hood with a windshield that extends right into the front of the truck.

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Other key design highlights of the vehicle are the extended wheel arches, unique door position and two retractable awnings. The Thundertruck could also be offered as a 6×6.

Wolfgang LA said it had spoken with technology companies, potential production partners and investors about the project. And, if this truck concept hits the production line, it might cost around $70,000.

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