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This Porsche 964 Cabriolet turns emission-free after receives 500 hp electric motor

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British electric car modification and conversion company, Everrati, recently launched the Porsche 911 generation 964 cabriolet which has been converted to an electric powertrain.

Instead of using the standard bodywork of the Porsche 911, Everrati gave a modified widebody graft with a wide tire tread for this electric Porsche 911. This wide tire is intended to compensate for the car’s power which reaches 500 hp.

Everatti embeds a self-developed electric powertrain, a design that is specifically matched to the model fitted to maintain the original Porsche 911 driving experience.

The built-in electric motor is also positioned to maintain a similar weight distribution to the original. Impressively, Everrati designed this powertrain in such a way that the owner could return the car to its original specifications.

Everrati offers the option of a 440 or 500 hp electric motor. The 500 hp electric motor option is claimed to be able to accelerate from 0-60 mph in less than 4 seconds. Both electric motors get power from a 62-kwh battery unit that is claimed to provide 200 miles of range.

Everatti also offers several modification options for the electric 911, such as an adjustable suspension, carbon-fiber design pack, and a sound generator. Everatti itself has opened orders for this electric 911 but Everatti said the conversion process of this car will take a full year.

Everrati launches new business unit that help B2B customers develop their own electric cars

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