Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Tesla Semi Testing with Enhanced Sensor Array Sparks Autonomous Driving Speculation

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Recent sightings of a Tesla Semi on the highway equipped with an expanded sensor array atop the vehicle have stirred speculation about Tesla’s plans for autonomous driving in its commercial trucks. Since its unveiling in 2017, Tesla has kept details about the autonomous features of the Tesla Semi relatively quiet.

During Tesla’s annual shareholders meeting earlier this month, CEO Elon Musk announced the company’s approval of plans to move forward with volume production of the Tesla Semi, following significant delays.

Tesla has consistently maintained that all vehicles produced since 2016 are equipped with the hardware necessary for autonomous driving, with updates expected to enhance capabilities over time. The Tesla Semi, seen with a visible array of cameras surrounding the vehicle, suggests ongoing development in integrating autonomous technology.

Last week, I saw a Tesla Semi with a sensor suite instead of a rooftop fairing near Gigafactory Nevada
byu/GameSyns inteslamotors

The sighting of the Tesla Semi featuring a new array of sensors has sparked interest, particularly since Tesla typically avoids using lidar sensors for its autonomous driving systems, reserving them for validation purposes.

Industry observers note that this development may indicate progress towards deploying supervised autonomous driving systems in Tesla’s class 8 electric truck, underscoring ongoing advancements in vehicle technology and regulatory landscapes shaping the future of commercial transportation.

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