Tesla Model S owner successfully passes one million miles

Tesla Model S Million Miles - Tesla Model S owner successfully passes one million miles

A German man, Hansjorg von Gemmingen, managed to drive his , to a distance of 1,593,250 kilometers. Since he first bought the car made by in 2014, Hansjorg has never stopped traveling.

No kidding, the trip he did was not just around the city but also across countries. It was stated that The Driven Hansjorg had driven the car to Siwss, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Ireland and even to China.

With this fantastic journey, Hansjorg’s has actually crossed 1 million kilometers in 2019. It’s just that he still feels he can cover even greater distances.

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During the trip, Hansjorg said that he had changed the three times. Fortunately, replacing the battery with 85 kWh of power does not cost anything. Because Tesla provides an 8-year warranty for the Tesla Model S battery.

But that does not apply to the electric motor in the Tesla Model S. The reason is that he only gets a full electric motor warranty once. The first electric motor that he had was immediately replaced after traveling a distance of 778,000 kilometers. However, according to him, the replacement of the electric motor was not worth the cost.

Because the ability of the new electric motor that is installed is actually not the same as the first electric motor in the Tesla Model S. During the million-kilometer journey, he replaced the electric motor eight times. At least each electric motor is only able to cover a distance of 200,000 kilometers.

According to him Tesla is a very good electric car. It’s just that the lifespan of the Tesla electric motor is very low. “I’m thinking of changing electric cars from Tesla to Lucid. I’m trying to do the same thing,” he explained.