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Tesla Model 3 RWD with LFP battery must charging to 100% on a regular basis

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Tesla regularly recommends owners of new Model 3 RWD base models. The Tesla Model 3 RWD uses lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery cells for power.

Because it uses a new type of battery, owners of the latest Tesla Model 3 RWD should be aware that special treatment is needed in charging the battery.

To find out your Model 3 is equipped with an LFP battery. You need to open the charging screen on your touch screen and then touch “Set Limit” or open the charging screen in your mobile app and drag the slider.

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If there is a “50%” and “100%” battery display, then your vehicle has an LFP battery pack. If the displayed images are “Daily” and “Travel”, then your vehicle is not equipped with an LFP battery.

For owners of Tesla cars with LFP batteries, there are some important recommendations that you should follow if you want the battery to stay healthy for as long as possible. Here’s what the Tesla manual says:

“If your vehicle is equipped with an LFP Battery, Tesla recommends that you keep your charge limit set to 100%, even for daily use, and that you also fully charge to 100% at least once per week.”

Unlike the Tesla Model 3 EV which uses NCA batteries, Tesla recommends charging up to 80% or 90% most of the time and saving the full 100% charge for road trips.

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