Tesla Electric Vehicles Get Added Swivel Screen Feature

Tesla Screen Dashboard - Tesla Electric Vehicles Get Added Swivel Screen Feature

is reportedly delivering certain models with a swivel feature. Later the screen can face the driver or front passenger by pressing a button.

Tesla’s electric car itself is known for its cutting-edge and has a row of features. By presenting an infotanment screen system that can swivel, it makes producers eager to attract public interest.

The swivel screen technology itself is in fact not a new innovation. However, the report continues, this may be the first time the feature has been brought to a car.

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The swivel screen feature can be seen from the upload of a Twitter account called @TeslaFrunk on Wednesday, May 4, 2022. “Tesla has finally added a swivel screen to the updated model,” the account wrote.

Apart from that, the swivel function is indeed an option that can be explored by car manufacturers to be an attraction for potential consumers. The screen size, resolution and functionality is claimed to offer a special part.

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Previously, Tesla had included in-cab gaming features on the main display unit. CEO Elon Musk further mentioned that the software update will also allow passengers to video confer in the electric car.