Suzuki Burgman-like electric scooter leaked in patent images

Suzuki Burgman like electric scooter leaked in patent images - Suzuki Burgman-like electric scooter leaked in patent images

is known to be preparing an version of the . The latest info, this motorbike seems to be going into production soon because the image has appeared to the public.

Reporting from Cycle World (21/6/2022), the electric version of the Burgman has reportedly been tested several times. In this electric project, Suzuki did not move radically by creating a completely new product.

But using the Burgman 125 as a base, then changing the engine to use an electric motor and battery. So far the development program has been carried out in India, but the process has slowed down due to an increase in air temperature, which affects the electrical system.

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Meanwhile in Japan, a patent has been issued. This scooter still uses a conventional steel frame, with a body design that is more or less the same as the previous Burgman 125.

However, because the electric motor does not use a CVT box, this scooter drive system will use a chain or belt that will be exposed from the outside. Previously, the electric version of the Suzuki Burgman was caught on camera being tested on Indian roads.

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It is seen that this is an electric motor version. You see, there is no exhaust installed on this motorbike. It is not yet known what the specs of this electric motor are. But what is clear, the Suzuki Burgman electric will be one of Suzuki’s first .

Suzuki Burgman-like electric scooter patent images