Tuesday, July 16, 2024

SkyDrive Secures Major Pre-Order of SKYDRIVE eVTOLs from South Korea

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Japanese electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) manufacturer, SkyDrive Inc., continues to make significant strides this summer, announcing a substantial pre-order agreement with South Korea for their SKYDRIVE eVTOLs. This latest development adds to a series of milestones achieved by the company, as it strives to revolutionize urban air mobility across the world.

After an earlier redesign of their SKYDRIVE eVTOL model, aimed at accommodating more passengers, SkyDrive successfully secured their inaugural pre-order in July. In conjunction with this, the company also revealed its intentions to establish a US headquarters in South Carolina.

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The initial pre-order consisted of five aircraft, but SkyDrive surprised the industry with another major announcement the following day, confirming a pre-order for an impressive 100 aircraft from CT UAV in Vietnam.

Today, SkyDrive proudly unveils yet another substantial pre-order agreement, this time hailing from South Korea.

Earlier today, SkyDrive announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with Solyu Company, Ltd., a Korean aircraft leasing firm dedicated to zero-emissions mobility solutions. This agreement covers a pre-order for up to 50 SKYDRIVE eVTOL aircraft.

The metropolitan areas of South Korea have been grappling with severe traffic congestion, prompting the government to launch the Korea Urban Air Mobility (K-UAM) Roadmap. The primary aim of this initiative is to reduce citizens’ travel times by an impressive 70% through the adoption of innovative technologies like eVTOLs. Andrew Claerbout, President of Solyu, expressed his optimism, stating, “The eVTOL market will bring opportunities for reducing global emissions and increasing traveler convenience. We’re honored to work with SkyDrive and the award-winning SD-05 to develop this global market.”

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Looking ahead, SkyDrive is committed to ongoing discussions with Solyu to assess the necessary infrastructure for supporting future commercial eVTOL operations. This includes considerations for vertiports, travel routes, and other essential ecosystems, in collaboration with the Korean government.

Notably, the SKYDRIVE eVTOL aircraft will be manufactured in Japan, with the valued support of Suzuki. SkyDrive’s latest pre-order success reinforces its position as a pioneering force in the burgeoning eVTOL industry, with a global presence that continues to expand.

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