Ryvid Anthem specifications : Everything you need to know

Ryvid Anthem specifications

is a new start-up based in Irvine, California. They have just introduced a new motor concept called Anthem.

Reportedly, this electric motorbike will be present for the year 2023. By design, the curve of the body looks futuristic like NASA’s spacecraft.

The body is made of super light monocoque plate which has a unique innovation. This monocoque body can be adjusted in height according to the rider’s wishes so that it is ergonomic.

This is thanks to a modular head tube system and adjustable front and rear . Another uniqueness is in the way the seat height is adjusted electrically, super sophisticated!

Regarding propulsion, this electric motor is fitted with an electric powertrain that uses a v-belt to transmit power to the rear wheels.

This drive pumps out a torque of 71.86 Nm which can make the electric motor sprint to a top speed of about 120 Km/hour.

The 4.3 kWh -ion type nets up to a distance of 75 miles or about 120 Km.

But only about 50 miles or 80 Km in Sport Mode. The battery is removable and removable for easy recharging.

When plugged into a 220V outlet, the Anthem can be fully charged in just three hours, while a 110V outlet delivers a time of six hours.

Other features such as a 4.9-inch TFT screen and full disc braking also complement this electric motor. Ryvid itself gives the price of this Ryvid Anthem electric motorbike for $7,800.

Ryvid Anthem specifications

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