Rimac start production of the Nevera all-electric hypercar

Rimac start production of the Nevera all-electric hypercar

After five years of development and , Automobili has finally started the production version of the electric Nevera. This electric hypercar will be produced by hand with a production target of 50 units per year from a total of 150 units planned.

The first car from series production is the “Callisto Green” model with graphite painted Vertex alloy wheels and a sand-colored Alcantara interior which was unveiled to the public at the Festival of Speed ​​at Goodwood.

Assembly of the for the first customer has already begun. Self-assembly takes five weeks, and Rimac produces its own parts and systems for the electric hypercar.

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Rimac said shipments would begin soon via its global dealer network without giving an exact date. What is clear is that the first year of Nevera’s production has sold out.

As a high- electric hypercar, all critical components must be specially developed – such as the battery, inverter, transmission, motor or control system. Rimac in the last five years has developed three generations of powertrain . To ensure the quality of the vehicle for which 18 prototypes were built, 45 crash tests were carried out and more than 1.6 million hours of development were carried out.

The production version of the Nevera has four e-motors that together produce 1.4 MW and offer 2,360 Nm of . The battery pack used is liquid cooling with a capacity of 120 kWh.

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To accelerate from zero to 60 mph (that is, 96 km/h) takes just 1.85 seconds, with a speed of 412 km/h.

“At the beginning of the Nevera journey, we ran thousands of virtual simulations and experimented with countless designs before eventually, the time came to create the very first working prototypes,” says Mate Rimac, CEO of Rimac Group

Today, Rimac employs about 300 people and has grown five times to have more than 1,500 colleagues.

“At this time, around 300 people were working in the company, and now as we enter full production, our company has grown five-fold to have over 1,500 colleagues and construction is well underway for our new 100,000 m² Rimac Campus.” says Mate Rimac