Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Renault Unveils Automated Logistics Site with Robotic Fleet for Enhanced Efficiency

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French automaker Renault unveils its advanced automated logistics site, showcasing a fleet of robots that streamline operations and increase efficiency.

Renault has introduced a state-of-the-art automated logistics site in Villeroy, northern France, showcasing the utilization of Skypods, autonomous mobile robots, to manage its operations. These robots navigate the facility independently, picking car part orders from shelves and performing various tasks such as packing and inventory management.

The facility operates with a fleet of 191 robots, significantly improving order processing times. According to Xavier Lhors, Renault’s director of after-sale logistics, the automated system has increased the number of orders served by 25%, with robots now fulfilling a customer order in just 20 minutes, down from the previous two hours.

“We are proud to collaborate with Exotec to equip our supply chain with Skypod robots, positioning our Villeroy site at the forefront of innovation,” said Lhors..

The Skypod robots operate efficiently and safely, even in the presence of human workers, moving swiftly around the facility and navigating around them. These robots can pick items from high shelves, enhancing safety by reducing the risk of workers falling.

Renault’s logistics site processes around 4,000 orders per hour at peak times, demonstrating the effectiveness of the automated system in handling high volumes of orders.

The robots utilize 15-gallon trays to transport item pallets across the facility. When a customer order is received, a robot is assigned to collect the specified items and deliver them to the picking stations. Once the items are prepared, the packages are transported to the shipping area for sealing and routing onto trucks.

Renault’s use of autonomous picking robots in its parts facility marks a significant milestone, positioning the company as a leader in innovative logistics solutions within the automotive industry.

Exotec’s Skypod robots are versatile and efficient, capable of moving along the ground on wheels at speeds of up to 13 feet per second. They can also climb up to 39 feet via rails to pick items from shelves, offering flexibility in their operation.

The robots require minimal charging time, with just five minutes of charging required for every hour of operation. They can also be programmed to prioritize urgent orders, ensuring timely fulfillment.

Operators have the flexibility to add or remove units from their fleet in minutes without disrupting operations. Additionally, businesses have the option to rent Skypods to supplement their fleet during peak shopping seasons or high inventory periods, further enhancing operational efficiency.

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