Friday, July 12, 2024

Porsche unveils the K1 three-row electric SUV, positioned above the Cayenne

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Porsche is currently speeding towards the future and as a result, has had to make some bold new decisions. Porsche unveils a three-row SUV that was introduced codenamed K1, and might get a negative reaction,

This information was obtained through a source from an American Porsche dealer who spoke with Autonews and had seen the official renderings last year during a meeting in America, this electric SUV model will be positioned above the Cayenne.

Another source described the model as “a new style vehicle that combines a sedan with a crossover”, while others say that the car is “very unlike a Porsche”, as it has a flat rear design that doesn’t look like the Porsche Macan and Cayenne.

Vehicles that blur the line between crossovers and sedans have actually existed before such as the Toyota Crown, Peugeot crossover coupe 408, and the upcoming Volvo EX90.

Porsche says that the new model will incorporate technology from the Mission R concept car that was presented at the Munich auto show last year. The concept features a 920-volt electrical system to reduce charging times and a direct oil-cooled motor that is likely to be used in the Porsche K1 as well.

Given its size, the large SUV will be priced at a premium and is aimed at attracting new customers, something that Porsche CEO Oliver Blume said will be looking for this summer.

“We are targeting a higher margin segment and aiming to get new customer opportunities,” said Blume. He also described the K1 as “a very sporty interpretation of an SUV”. The new model will be positioned above the Cayenne model and is aimed at the US market in early 2026.

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