Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Ola introducing XFC fast charging tech with 0 to 100 percent charge in five minutes

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Indian electric vehicle startup Ola Electric is rumored to be building a Hypercharger network, which will consist of more than 100,000 charging stations.

Quoted from Ride Apart, Ola Electric has a target to become the largest electric vehicle maker on the planet with a production target of reaching 2,000,000 electric vehicles per year.

Ola Electric has just introduced its electric vehicle portfolio with XFC technology, or Extreme Fast Charging technology. Ola Electric claims this vehicle will be able to charge the battery from 0 to 100 percent in just five minutes.

Ola Electric has partnered with Israel-based StoreDot, a company that specializes in cutting-edge battery technology.

Companies are looking to mass-produce the technology within the next few years, and Ola Electric was one of the first to capitalize on this even before the technology reached the mainstream.

Ola Electric has plans to manufacture battery cells in India, while the XFC technology used for the battery charging system will be supplied from StoreDot, and may even end up being manufactured in India.

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