Oben Rorr : electric performance motorcycle with range up to 125 miles

Oben Rorr - Oben Rorr : electric performance motorcycle with range up to 125 miles

As the globe witnesses advanced EVs and EV technologies, gets a unique e-motorbike called
‘Rorr,’ which vows to deliver not just performance but envisages what electric motorcycles may
become in the coming future.Rorr is the flagship product of Oben Electric, headquartered in Bengaluru, India.

Oben Electric is an electric two-wheeler manufacturer that is committed to designing, developing, and manufacturing e2Ws indigenously. It is focused on bringing reliable, safe, and qualitative electric two-wheelers to the consumer segments of the world that are at par with conventional vehicles.

Rorr is a fresh new take on what futuristic electric motorcycles ought to be, with a neo-classic design for the 21st century, sleek, and sporty. It is benchmarked against the 150cc ICE segment with the best-in-classrange of 125 miles (Ideal Driving Conditions), highest acceleration of 0-40 in just 3 seconds, a best-in-class time of just 2 hours, and a top speed of 63mph.

Besides providing bike riders with world-class features, Rorr promises practicality and a performance-oriented riding experience. The electric performance motorcycle has 18 patents filed for its critical components such as motor, , controller, drivetrain, and design, giving it an edge over the competition. It also has interactive connected vehicle features such as Predictive maintenance, Ride details, Battery status, Geo-fencing, Geo-tagging, Battery theft protection, Charging station locator, On-demand service, and Roadside assistance.

Its Combined Braking System makes the rider feel safe even at higher speeds and the Rider Alert System provides riders with visual and auditory cues, showing when the vehicle is ON, Stationary, or requires Maintenance. Rorr is fitted with LFP ( Ferro Phosphate) battery, which is a more robust and advanced battery type.

Along with the battery’s efficient heat dissipation and thermal stability capability, the company
has taken the factor a notch higher by designing the LFP battery pack with its very own
proprietary- MHX , which allows the heat to be evenly distributed across a larger surface area and ensure maximum heat exchange with the environment. Hence, keeping the battery pack cool as one rides the e-motorcycle.

Oben Electric’s ardent team of technical experts also ensured that Rorr’s connected vehicle feature is continuously monitoring the health of the battery and the motorcycle. Therefore, even under the rarest possibility of a compromise (after the above-mentioned safety factors), the driver shall be alerted instantly. Also, Rorr’s battery pack can charge at a faster pace viz. two times faster than other electric two-wheelers, under normal conditions.

Rorr has a fun factor to it as well, its first-in-class gamification feature is set to revolutionize the riders’ engagement with the motorcycle and other Rorr owners. While Rorr is available only in India for the moment, it will be customized as per consumers for launch in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and the USA