Monday, July 15, 2024

Noise Canceling Feature for Tesla Model S and Model X

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Tesla will bring the latest noise-canceling features to the Tesla Model S and Model X. This new technology can later help reduce road noise in the cabin.

In its latest software update, Tesla will install a pair of microphones in the cab to capture and drown out road noise. This will block out annoying noises out there.

In addition, Tesla also provides noise-canceling assistance with the audio system speakers. With this system, drivers and passengers will be able to find a quiet zone when driving with Model S and Model X electric cars.

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Not only noise-canceling technology, Tesla also provides over-the-air updates that can display the status of the vehicle’s tires. This feature can later help electric car users to find out the condition of the tires they are using.

Tesla has also recently rolled out the Beta Full Self-Driving (FSD) software update version 10.6. This is an early version of Tesla’s autonomous driving software and is safety tested.

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Tesla’s FSD feature gets a safety score of 98 or higher. This of course really helps increase user confidence to use autonomous cars.

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