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Mysterious “Highland” Tesla Model 3 Spotted Testing Across Europe, Raising Anticipation

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In an intriguing development, the enigmatic “Highland” version of the Tesla Model 3 has been sighted making its rounds on European roads, fueling speculation about the forthcoming changes and launch plans. With test vehicles having previously surfaced in Spain and Germany, the latest sightings in France are adding to the growing anticipation surrounding this anticipated release.

Tesla enthusiasts and industry observers remain intrigued by the sparse details provided by the company regarding the “Highland” Model 3. Despite Tesla’s silence, it has become increasingly evident that the testing phase is intensifying, as prototypes have recently been spotted not only in the United States and China but also within the European continent.

As recently as mid-August, eagle-eyed onlookers captured the updated Model 3 being tested in Spain. Following closely on its heels, another sighting occurred in Germany earlier this week. The latest chapter in this unfolding story comes from France, where vigilant electric vehicle enthusiasts have encountered the elusive “Highland” Model 3 in multiple instances.

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According to a report by @EstherKokkelman, one such sighting took place on the A62 motorway connecting Bordeaux and Toulouse, France. The vehicle sported the customary front and rear coverings often found on test cars. However, the intriguing twist was the unconventional camouflage paint adorning the car. Camouflage patterns are a typical tactic employed by automakers to confound observers, concealing key exterior design elements prior to an official launch. This fresh paint job raises speculation that Tesla might have discreetly revised the car’s aesthetics and is now endeavoring to keep them under wraps.

Additionally, @GreenDriveTesl1 shared a revealing video of the “Highland” Model 3 parked at a Supercharger station. This very car had been previously identified on the A62 motorway, as confirmed by its license plate. The footage showcases the driver hurriedly covering the vehicle with a concealment sheet, a maneuver seemingly aimed at preventing onlookers from capturing more detailed images or videos.

The intrigue deepens with yet another spotting of the “Highland” Model 3 in Toulouse. Shared by @Moreau12Moreau, a photograph originally taken by Anthony Cistac on X showcases yet another test prototype. This particular variant exhibited a white exterior and bore a distinct license plate.

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The rising frequency of these test unit sightings could indicate the imminent official launch of the updated Model 3 in the market. Unverified reports suggest that Giga Shanghai, Tesla’s production facility catering to the European market, has commenced the manufacturing process for these new vehicles. Prospective buyers in Europe, placing orders now, are being advised of delivery timelines stretching to October or November. Meanwhile, Chinese customers might anticipate deliveries as early as September. Information concerning North American deliveries remains pending, although the temporary suspension of production at the Fremont factory for enhancements hints at possible synchronized release dates for the updated Model 3 in the United States and China.

As the enigma surrounding the “Highland” Tesla Model 3 continues to unravel with each spotting, automotive enthusiasts and industry insiders are eagerly awaiting Tesla’s official reveal, expected to shed light on the hidden changes and innovations this version will bring to the highly popular Model 3 lineup.

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