Mini unveiled its first all-electric Mini Cooper SE as a convertible

2022 mini cooper se convertible one off - Mini unveiled its first all-electric Mini Cooper SE as a convertible

has just introduced an all-electric convertible version of the SE. MINI confirmed that this is a one-off model and will not be a serial production car.

, as the parent company of MINI revealed that this is the only premium convertible in the world with an electric drivetrain in the small car segment. BMW itself will showcase this at an event in the US.

Dimensionally, the all-electric MINI Cooper SE measures 3,863 mm in length with a wheelbase of 2,495 mm, a width of 1,727 mm and a height of 2,495 mm. Nothing has changed from the volume of cargo in the luggage compartment.

Specifically, it uses the same drive components as the three-door MINI Cooper SE and comes with a 137 kW electric motor capable of producing a power output of 184 hp. The electric vehicle offers a of 230 km and can reach speeds of 100 km/h from absolute zero in 7.7 seconds.

BMW informs that the electric MINI Cooper SE electric soft top and textile can be fully opened in 18 seconds. At the touch of a button can activate the soft top when driving up to 30 km / h and allows three settings, open, close, or as a sunroof.

BMW MINI is also currently in the process of building a new generation of electric Cooper. Reportedly this new model will not have anything similar to the ICE version. It may come with a longer wheelbase and can be smaller in length. It is suggested that it can produce a power output of up to 200 hp.