Friday, July 12, 2024

Mini Aceman electric crossover concept to debut this week with fresh design language

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MINI recently revealed a new concept car called the Aceman, and will feature a fresh design language. Mini Aceman Concept is reportedly going to have the size of a crossover, and will be an electric car.

Oliver Heilmer, Head of Design for MINI, said that the MINI Aceman will be a new electric model with a unique design. Although the design language is different, Heilmer insists that he maintains the traditional MINI characteristics in order to maintain the company’s identity.

Judging by the new teaser video posted by MINI, the new Aceman concept should blend some of these new elements with the traditional MINI design. MINI said that the Aceman Concept design will also be used as a design language for their EVs in the future.

“We combine the core DNA of MINI with innovative design, aesthetics and advanced technology inside. Despite the new design, the MINI will remain original and will last for the foreseeable future,” said Heilmer.

At the front, Heilmer has paired an LED with a slightly angular and aggressive shape. Further footage from the teaser video shows that the Aceman Concept has frameless mirrors with a digital grille that looks futuristic. Although it looks more futuristic, the traditional impression is still felt in some parts, especially in the cabin.

Unfortunately, MINI has not announced what powertrain it will use, but many hope that the MINI electric car can be supported by a powerful BMW-made electric powertrain.

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