Michelin Develops Eco-Friendly Racing Tires for MotoE

Michelin Develops Eco-Friendly Racing Tires for MotoE

The event is proof that environmentally friendly motorcycles can also compete quickly. In addition, this event is also a testing ground for developing sustainable energy solutions.

Currently, Energica Motors is the sole supplier of electric motorcycles for MotoE. Starting next season, it will be ’s turn to replace him.

Meanwhile, will remain the sole supplier for MotoE. Prior to the 2021 MotoE season, Michelin stated that the used were made up of renewable materials.

The front tires are made up of 33 percent renewable materials and the rear tires are made up of 40 percent renewable materials. However, Michelin is still not satisfied and continues to make improvements and developments.

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Michelin managed to make the rear tires with 46 percent renewable materials. While the front tires, still have a composition of 33 percent.

“Although ambitious, this goal remains no less realistic for Michelin. MotoE tires are a new illustration of this,” said Michelin Director of Technical and Scientific Communications Cyrille Roget.

Roget added, particularly in integrating more natural rubber and recycled carbon black in tires, Michelin can make progress.

In addition, Michelin also integrates other materials, such as orange peel, pine tree resin, sunflower oil, and used steel into its racing tires.

With a combination of 33 percent front tires and 46 percent rear tires, Michelin was able to achieve its goal of producing tire sets from 40 percent sustainable materials.

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Roget said, with MotoE tires, Michelin proved it was capable of doing what it said. With the target that has been achieved, Michelin is increasing its target again.

“This is what makes us stand out and gives us another good reason to believe that we will go through the challenge of 100 percent sustainable tires by 2050,” said Roget.

Even with sustainable materials, the current performance of Michelin racing tires for MotoE can be driven up to 250 km/h.