MG4 Electric : specifications, battery and range

mg4 electric hatchback - MG4 Electric : specifications, battery and range

The Electric is prepared as a new in the C or compact segment to fight the Volkswagen ID.3 and .

Interestingly, the MG4 Electric will be the first electric car in to be developed using the Modular Scalable (MSP).

Developed by SAIC Motor, MG said the MSP platform can be developed into various cars in different segments.

This platform has an adjustable design and is suitable for cars with wheelbase dimensions from 2,650 mm to 3,100 mm.

Although not yet mentioning the wheelbase of the MG4 Electric, MG has revealed that it has a body that is 4,287 mm long, 1,836 mm wide and 1,504 mm high.

So what are the specifications? Starting from the drive, the MG4 Electric is equipped with an electric motor that drives the rear wheels.

Electrical energy for the MG4 Electric motor is supplied from -ion with a capacity of 51 kWh or 64 kWh.

In terms of power, the MG4 Electric electric motor is capable of producing a peak power of 170 hp for a 51 kWh battery or 204 hp for a 64 kWh battery.

MG claims the MG4 Electric can accelerate from 0-100 km / h in less than 8 seconds and can run up to 160 km / h only.

For mileage, MG claims the MG4 Electric 51 kWh battery can run as far as 350 kilometers in the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedures (WLTP) cycle.

With a 64 kWh battery, the WLTP MG4 Electric's claimed mileage is 450 kilometers.

Another interesting thing about the MG4 Electric is that this electric car has been prepared to adopt more sophisticated .

For example, it can be developed with an 800 Volt electrical architecture, or adapted for a Battery as a Service (BaaS) battery exchange service.

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