Mercedes Teases Imminent Production of EQG / G-Class EV with Fresh Images


German automaker has unveiled new photos of the forthcoming EQG / G-Class EV, indicating that is drawing near, and the will be hitting the market “soon.”

Despite Mercedes keeping specifics undisclosed, the company has billed the model as a “true off-road icon” and an embodiment of the “best of all worlds.” Described as a “real G,” it is touted to seamlessly merge “sophistication and advanced electric .”

The EQG's design, influenced by the earlier EQG , closely mirrors its conventionally-powered counterpart, currently undergoing a facelift. Notable distinctions include a square ‘spare tire carrier,' assumed to be a lockable box akin to the concept, and subtle aerodynamic enhancements like distinctive wheels and small slits in the rear fender flares. The grille is expected to be fully enclosed, featuring a characteristic boxy design.

Interior alterations, as observed in previous spy photos, reveal a departure from the existing model, incorporating a new steering wheel, a revamped center console, and a revised center stack with updated switchgear. Some changes may overlap with the facelifted internal combustion engine variant, but the G-Turn button, facilitating ‘tank turns,' will be exclusive to the electric version.

Mercedes, while maintaining a level of secrecy, has outlined key specifications for the EQG. It is set to feature a quad motor , promising “enormous pulling power and controllability.” An optional extended- , leveraging silicon anode chemistry, is also anticipated, offering a 20-40% boost in energy density and, consequently, a “significant” increase in range.

Despite the anticipation surrounding the EQG, Mercedes has affirmed that the model will not make its debut until the next year, leaving several unanswered questions about the highly-anticipated electric SUV.

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