Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Mercedes-Benz aims to reduce halve their CO2 emissions by 2030

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Mercedes-Benz will halve its CO2 emissions by 2030. Previously, it was known the carmaker had a target to become CO2 neutral by 2039.

But the company is also trying to meet 70 percent of the energy needed for production using renewable energy by 2030. This number is up from the current 45-50 percent.

“About 15 percent of this energy should come from solar and wind power plants connected to Mercedes-Benz’s own site,” said head of production Joerg Burzer.

He further said that there would be a power purchase agreement, in which electricity producers would be paid to produce a certain amount of energy.

“The rest will be supplied through a so-called Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), in which electricity producers are paid to produce a certain amount of energy over a number of years at a set price,” he continued.

Burzer added that Mercedes-Benz is in advanced discussions to purchase additional wind energy through a PPA worth one billion euros by 2025.

It is known that at this time, Mercedes-Benz still relies on gas as a backup supply source.

“We obviously still need gas. But we’re working to minimize that,” said Burzer.

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